WitnessInsanity.com is the online home for Mr. Maniacal’s horror hosted show INSANITY as well as an outlet for his other creative work. Mr. Maniacal’s INSANITY was started about 2013 when he became the webmaster and partner in the now defunct Kreepy Kastle Television. He started the show exclusively for the channel recruiting a rotted corpse named Hubert as his co-host. When KKTV dissolved years later he joined up with friend and partner Halloween Jack to create The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel once again serving as webmaster. Since then the channel merged with The Monster Channel and the rest is history. From time to time he does new shows that are shown first on The Monster Channel and then will be added to our site. However that is just the tip of the iceberg with the strange fellow known as Mr. Maniacal.

Mr. Maniacal

Mr. Maniacal started as a student at Bloodview Haunted House in Ohio back in 1989. Growing up he always had a love for horror from classics to the then modern day stuff. He also loved the special fx always siting things like The Exorcist and the movie Legend for their fantastic creature makeup and horrific head turning fx. So having the opportunity through the high school drama department to perform as a monster. Through high school he volunteered there getting his introduction to the industry by the talents of The Legion of Terror. After high school though he left, but never forgot the experience. He haunted yards every halloween, but wanted to return to pro-haunting.

In 1995 he returned to Bloodview joining the Legion of Terror officially. He quickly obtained the level of knight within the group and became known for pushing limits and bizarre outside the box type characters like Cat in the Hat, Gumby, and Ernie (as in Bert and Ernie). Mr. Maniacal stayed at Bloodview until 1998 and then left to become a freelance performer and designer. He has built rooms and guest acted at dozens of haunts throughout Ohio…Cleveland Haunted Hollow, Ridgeville Haunted House, Carnage Haunted House, The Haunted Hydro, Robert Kurtzman’s Mad FX Lab just to name a few. Currently he is a regular guest actor at Blood Prison, at the historical Ohio State Reformatory, where he has found a family to scare with.

In addition to pro haunting and becoming a horror host Mr. Maniacal has become part of many special events hosting live shows, participating in conventions, participating in podcasts, and making live appearances. However even though he enjoys the horror hosting and views the shows as a new creative outlet his first love is haunting. That’s why his goal was to bring his style of creepy bizarre performing to the show INSANITY.

Then in 2017 he was invited to perform in a new rock symphony Halloween show being done by guitar maestro Neil Zaza called One Dark Night: A Rock Symphony of the Macabre. After a couple of shows and the Covid shutdown Neil Zaza and Mr. Maniacal have become good friends and realized they shared similar visions on the future of the show which is creating and epic rock symphony performance that will become a staple in Halloween traditions. Mr. Maniacal has joined the creative team working mainly on video work for the live show as well as graphics and of course performing.

Although working for Neil Zaza has become a primary focus he still plans to freelance perform at Blood Prison and continue to do new shows when time permits.

Welcome to Mr. Maniacal’s Insanity!