Covid Lockdown Unleashes Danny Elfman’s Insanity

If anything good came out of covid lockdown mess it is the now THREE new selections of music and disturbing videos from composer Danny Elfman! For those of you living under a rock Danny Elfman started in The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo then transitioned to heading the 80’s rock band Oingo Boingo, and is now an accomplished film composer and classical style music composer. In short he is a musical legend. Each song is posted with an equally disturbing (in a good way) video.

Releasing online via Youtube through Epitaph Records Danny Elfman first started with Happy! which very well could have been a new Oingo Boingo tune.

What followed was more of what he is now known for and that’s his film score/classical music styles. The original piece is called “Sorry”.

Then Febuary brought us “Love In The Time of Covid” which is is hauntingly too close to reality for many of us.

Danny Elfman has reportedly announced that on the 11th of each month he will release a new song and video. Why the 11th…well the number 11 in German is appropriately elf.

As new videos get posted we of course will post them here to share Danny Elfman’s musical genius with all of you!

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