30 Coins – HBO Europe Review (Spoiler Free)

With the world of streaming and the increased access to independent work you can find more hidden gems out there than ever before. Finding a show like 30 Coins is that gem especially with Hollywood churning out the same old stuff beating to death franchises rather than taking a risk on something new. Well enough complaining let’s dive into the world of 30 Coins.

This show is simply amazing! My goal here is to get you to watch it, because I’m telling you it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. My only serious complaint is its a one season show. I mean they have a seriously good concept here with two main characters in the vet and the priest they can easily continue this with another season at least. Regardless this is defiantly worth watching.

30 Coins can be viewed on the streaming service HBO Max and it actually comes to us via HBO Europe. For those of us in America, don’t worry it is subtitled however don’t roll your eyes and say “I hate reading subtitles” suck it up and do it. There is so much going on and the story is so intriguing that you don’t even realize your reading the screen. I will say that with the visuals and acting in the series I watch each episode twice. Once to get the full story of the episode then again to just watch the screen and the actors to work their magic.

In a non-spoiler way I’ll give you my explanation of the series. It’s a classic good vs. evil story. It is a very well written storyline around the collecting of Holy Relics and the power they possess. In this case it’s 30 coins…the 30 pieces of silver Judas was paid to betray Jesus Christ leading to his crucifixion. They have great power and both Good and Evil want them.

The show takes place in a small town in Spain set in the modern day world however as the story unfolds we see scenes set all over…Paris, Rome, New York…but it mostly revolves around the town and it’s people including the Priest, the vet, and the mayor. What follows is a story that pulls you in with each minute it unfolds. What I like about it is although the religious base for the story it isn’t preachy yet it makes you think and ponder about what they talk about. There isn’t long winded explanations or any real major down time. It is packed with mystery and suspense with elements of horror from time to time.

Don’t believe me just watch the opening scene of episode one and I’m sure you will get hooked right off the bat. However it doesn’t stop there. What unfolds is an amazing balance of mystery, character development, psychological horror, monsters, and more. This series literally has a bit of everything.

The priest Father Manuel Vergara (played by actor Eduard Fernández) starts off as a bit of a mystery with a past. He comes to town after being released from prison for two years after a teenager died in an exorcism gone bad. It becomes clear that he is prepared for some sort of future fight and it somehow centers around a coin in his possession.

Meanwhile the town vet Elena (played by actor Megan Montaner) has her own tortured past as a routine birth of a calf drags her in the middle of the mystery and an unwilling partner to Father Veraga. What follows is pure chaos to say the least. These two main characters are my favorite by far…two of the most intriguing characters I’ve seen in a long time.

Like I said before the worst part of this series is it’s a one shot deal. Each episode left me wanting more and the series finale is no exception. I hope that HBO will see the increased ratings and the praise this show is getting and bring us another season. Don’t pass this one up. The entire series is streaming on demand through the HBO Max app.

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